insurance policy

Insurance Terms and Conditions
  • The renter agrees by their signature that they are responsible for any new damage to the trailer
  • The renter will be responsible for all loss or damage to the vehicle ( regardless of fault)
  • The renter also assumes all liabilty that may occur as a result of towing, loss damage to trailer or any/all other parties
  • The trailer will be returned in good condition, with all tires and equipment in the same condition
  • The trailer is to be returned to the owner, unless otherwise agreed to by the owner
  • Renters personal belongings are not covered by the owners insurance policy

The Vehicle and/or trailer may not be used:

  • by any person not listed on the rental agreement
  • In any race or speed test, reckless or abnormal behavior
  • by anyone under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants
  • by any person who has provided a false name or misleading information
  • for any illegal puprose

If any of the terms above are violated, the owner of the trailer shall collect any costs associated

Insurance Coverage
  • Tow vehicle insurance policy will cover damages to trailer while connected.
  • Tow vehicle must have valid insurance
  • Renter must have valid drivers license
  • Owner must have valid trailer insurance and trailer be registration in BC
  • Should any damage to the trailer occur during your rental, renter is responsible for 100% of damages